Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Day Long (Working lyric)

All Day Long
Jac Lawson

All day long
hitchn rails and trains
from town to town
never know where I'm stayin

everywhr I go
there's people that I know
from bridges, rivers, trees, to groves
we talk awhile
I sit and smile
while the crickets chirp and sing my song
If you know it then please sing along

Rails and trains
hitchin down a rocky highway
here I stand
I may never be here again
while I am
here's a little song my friend
cause I may never see you again

All day long
on the move
while I squeal my tires to the radio groove

just a trampin
arubber trampin along
my car'd go fast
if I only had the gas
arubber trampin along

Flat tires, oil changes, runaway deer
pedal to the metal with nothing to fear
all around the states with a turn of the wheel

justa trampin along
yea rubber trampin along

[Note: spoken interlude: hey hey what triple a say?)

All day long
I'll hit the road
stickin it out til my thumb is cold

justa hitchn along
kickn rocks all day long
shoes ain't got soles
through the desert I did go
justa hitchn along

heavy frame pack breakin my back
still need water and some scooby snacks
seems im leavin endless tracks
searching for what my life lacks

just a hitchn along
a'roamin a'strong

[note: just my thoughts and some boot rot]

All day long
got nothin to do
so I sit with the blues and hit the booze

justa chugging
justa chuggin along
cold steel rack clickity clack
keeps my bad memories back
I'll keepa chuggin along
keepa chuggin along

life in a box with no time clocks
drinkin and chuggin as the train just rocks
left alone with all my thoughts
who gives a fuck if my liver rots

just a chuggin along
swillin swayin along
swillin swayin along
all the day long