Sunday, November 3, 2013


get a job
you fuckin slob
punk ass dirty kid street mob

no direction
no religion
no society in which we fit in
how come you keep forgettin
what it's like in the beginnin
before you started winning

still it's better than you imagine
no falsified situation
could do without your trying
to be
an ideal of moral santity

what makes you think I could work
next to you
with you
for you
sign a w2
when all i can think of is the hatred you spew
when I sit and try to have a simple morsel to chew

so rationalize
these are things that can happen in most of our lives

still it's better than you imagine
no falsified situation
could do without your trying
to be
an ideal of moral santity

no direction
no religion
no society in which we fit in
how come you keep forgettin
what it's like in the beginnin
before you started winning


Starlight in her eyes
a moon beam within her smile

hair like an ocean wave
my dear one met an early grave

no longer her rainbow voice
the sweet colors of her rejoice

ring loudly like bells through the air
no she sleeps soundly with flowrs in her hair

deep down in her earthly tomb
lies a stillnes within her womb

a dear child of her and I
destined to never see the sky

my heart breaks at the thought of the joy
I would have shared with my little boy

Lord take me from this awful place
where pain and sorrow bear their ugly face

lay down my head on the floor
my eyes, I beg, please, open no more

in one moment I'd give all of this
for a sweet embrace
my hearts heavenly bliss

Get 'em

 Gunna Get em
get em
Gunna Get em
get em

and he knows that I would
if only now I could

Get em
get em

and he won't see me coming
til it's his head I am thumpin

when I
get em
get em

Comin for him strong
Gunna right all these wrongs

when I
get em
get em

Gunna take him to the ground
smear his smile all over town
and it's written in the moon
that the time is coming soon

when I'll
get em
get em
when I'll
get em
get em

with no place to run
that's when I'll have my fun

cause til he's out the way
there'll be no time to play

cause til he's dead and gone
there ain't no going home

Til I've
Got em
got em good
til I've
got em like I should

Yea I'll get em
get em

Mr. Big

OH You're a bad man Mr Big
You're a bad man Mr Big
You've got something cookin
everywhere they're lookin
Cause you're a bad man Mr Big
Yes you're a bad man Mr Big

Wanna be a good boy Mr Big
Wanna be a good boy Mr Big
but it won't be the same
when you get out the game
but cha wanna be a good boy Mr Big
Wanna be a good boy Mr Big

so try to be a good boy Mr Big
try to be a good boy Mr Big
they need your everything
and your phone won't cease to ring
but try to be a good boy Mr Big
try to be a good boy Mr Big

Oh Be a good boy Mr big
oh be a good boy Mr Big
why don't you stay at home
and let em solve it on their own
and be a good boy Mr Big
yes be a good boy Mr Big

Oh try to be a good boy Mr Big
Please try to be a good Mr Big
it's still you that they fear
no matter what you hear
so try to stay a good boy Mr Big
stay a good boy Mr Big

Don't wanna be a bad boy Mr Big
don't wanna be a bad boy Mr Big
but they won't hear you mumblin
when the politics come tumblin
Cause you're a bad man Mr Big
Cause you're a bad man Mr Big

gunna break 'em like a twig
cause you're the big wig Mr Big

it's you they cannot burn
and it's time that they learned
that even when you're gone
you'll be watching all night long

cause you're a bad one Mr Big
cause you're a bad one Mr Big

and they'll all be jumpin
when your fist starts a pumpin
keepin business strong
on the right side of the wrong

Cause you're a bad man Mr Big


I used to have a family
a single branch in a big ole tree
now it's just little ole me
and I'm lonely
yea oh so lonely

Used to be someone's dear wife
took a vow to build a lie
but things didn't turn out right
and I'm lonely
without a family

Used to have a little boy
running round and making in noise
all day long playing with toys
and I was happy
yea with him right beside me

but now he lives with his ole dad
a piece of the dream that we once had
and now I am so very sad
cuz I'm lonely
cuz he isn't with me

worked and toiled all day long
to have a place to call our own
a little space to be a home
where we could sing and dance alone
and be happy
yea oh so happy

but despite the schoolin I was taught
all these plans still came to naught
the groceries couldnt be bought
I was just so distraught
and I was lonely
yea and oh so hungry
and oh so hungry

and I hope one day he'll know
why his mommy had to go
and miss out on watchin him grow
lord blame it on my soul
I was lonely
my soul couldnt be free, no

but I'll make it by any means
I'll never stop chasin my dreams
cry though my smile still beams
I'm still lonely
yea, but don't you worry
cuz love will find me
and then I'll be happy
yea then I'll be happy
but probably still hungry
yea I'll always be hungry.

Rotten Mississippi (short)

oh come a little closer child
let me tell you a story
about the mighty mississippi river
and all of her glory

but the mighty mississippi river can't drown all my tears
been cryin for so long babe it seems like years and years

you see I've done a bad thing babe
my life won't be the same
but don't you worry child
I'll take all the blame

but the flowin mississippi river can't flush away my fears
the faces in the water look like shattered broken mirrors

you see I've been a bad man babe
and I've been doin things
oh, it's a concrete jungle
that I've started to sink

now the rotten mississippi river holds all my past
who knew that deep dark water would fill up so damn fast 
rippling with the memories of what I have done 
can't wash away my sins babe
no matter how deep it runs

but one day I'll put on my shoes and step of its wide banks
and I won't hold my breath no matter how much it stanks

and if you want to babe
I'll take you with me
just come a little closer child and we'll talk more privately

come and take my hand dear one
I'll  treat you like a daughter
and we won't show any fear of the deep dark water

cause the mighty mississippi river will always be inside us
constantly reflecting, shimmering in the iris. 

Little Bit Crazy

Streaming to you live
buzzing like bees in a hive
be how we fly
Touchin the sky
We can do it together synchronizing our molecular vibe

leading the tribe with the mic
you can say it was I
who flew the key kite
lightening struck twice my it felt nice
to prove no anomoly
now we fly thrice
I've seen with my eyes
I'll not lie
The difference is as clear as a rift in the sky

but According to you
we're all crazy from the womb long before we started to bloom and assume that the proper thing to do was to set down roots and hang up the steel boots

but ya gotta be a little bit crazy
have a tiny little touch of insanity
to try to test and compute the chemistry
of the composition of innocence in infancy
and figure out just what the cosmos mean
and how we came to be
freely rollin strollin on the greenery 

thankful to wake when we sleep
listenin to da choruses others weep
we'll resonate deep
the beat will help us calculate before we leap

and ya gotta be a little bit crazy
to continue to nay say and feel this way
despite what they say
to be this way this way you must be a little bit crazy

and ya gotta be a little bit crazy
to believe any kind of conspiracy
just medicate the microwave reality
the majority minority the poor I mean
and Live your life like you're on dremamine 
yes focus all your attention on the tv screen
while outside your door screen is a scene so 
 obscene it could sell out a motion picture movie screen
cause they're always willing to pay to see
the blood and bludgeoning
the theme of the Smash hit this week
is the red and green

and ya gotta be a little bit crazy
to continue to nay say and feel this way
despite what they say
to be this way this way you must be a little bit crazy

and ya gotta be a little bit crazy
to ponder the possibility of a reality
a fantasy where you weren't required to be anything but a resonance in harmony
flowing fluidly silverly beautifully
notes in an orchestrated masterpiece

set knowledge free 
creation unleashed is how its supposed to be
living love we blessed be
and its ok with me if it seems to be leaning a little toward insanity

 cuz ya gotta be a little bit crazy
to continue to nay say and feel this way
despite what they say
to be this way this way you must be a little bit crazy

and ya gotta be a little bit crazy to listen to anything that I say

American Phoenix

And you've committed the worst kind of theft,
you've stolen my heart and left me close to death
crushed by the pains of the memories you left,
I'm a hollow husk, hold my hand, pretend to be friends,
Lord I know I need to weave together my unraveling strands
but it's hard to do when I'm adrift without you
unmoored, unachored, sinking, need cerebral glue
to keep my thoughts together instead of tumbling through

like waters through the drain of the sewer of my brain
the images of you have made a plain stain,
a color representative, kaleidoscope of pain
please rationalize, explain my madness, insane
contact my constantly evolving membrane,
illuminate, illustrate the illusion again.

Now you see I no longer wonder why
cuz I recognize the patterns in life's tie dye
and if this pain is something I had to go through
to adjust, attune, align my spectral, spiritual hue
then in the end I should be thanking you for crushing me down so I could rise, Phoenix anew

a fireflight, streak of light, blaze on through
a force to be reckoned, a geiser  mid spew
spitting fire, regurgitating nothing but truth,
contemplate dark roast mental brew,
I'm only doing what god asked me to
every single time that I've forgiven you.

And the stars in the skies remind me of your eyes
and how they sparkled in the night when it was just you and I
before I realized I was institutionalized,
the world was a lie,
its people soldiers waiting to die

so what was I to do?
I had to choose something new
in a society where we teach nothing in school
about our intrinsic ability to choose
and the only sign of valor is the price of the new hottest shoe

but wait a minute that was back in the eighties,
now its all about the gadgets that you give to your babies
and in your busy day with no time to play,
you just sit 'em down and let 'em tivo their lives away

but what's it matter when you don't know any better
and all that's on the news is the commercials and weather
and all the politician's seem to agree
that a big screen tv is the American dream

cuz it's all synchronized programming
made to keep you in a waking dream
a colgate minted reality
mind numbing drones for the colony
cuz we're just one big american family

Cold Wind

So let it begin,
I got a warriors grin
from leaning into the cold wind
memories of back then when I said I would be back when I made it happen
ghost remnants of a stone grin

And I dont imagine that any contraption can retify the reactions
results of my own actions.
But all Im really askin is for you to take action
do you remember when, back then, you said you make it happen?

Rewind and retrack
no shirt off your back
just do what your supposed to do when your supposed to do it and act

the situation's ugly
no candy
no brandy
in reality you failed a family

still you say to others
like a childs scolding mother
get along with your brother
take care of one another

but what its matter when
preaching a pious limb
your own lifes sin
broken homes when like jagged bones mend always hurt like aching in a cold wind

keep pushing turn a grimace into a stone grin
keep going never showin how much your struggling
no one wants to know the rock they love is crumbling
everyone running grumbling when I'm under them rumblin

And I can't remember when
I had a reliable friend
no shoulder, found myself falling stumbling
when I leaned in to where you had been
I was caught by nothing but the cold wind

Keep pushin turn a grimace into a stone grin
keep going never showin how much your struggling.


 I think I
I think I
I think I'm falling down

When why
I blink I
I must be trippin

your drugs
got me
spinnin round and round

I think I
on brink I
might be stumblin

There were
times, I
thought thoughts of you might fade away
they just
seem to
linger, stay, not wash away

You stole
from me
my stability

I drink I
I drink I
I feel wobbily

your drugs
catatonic state

I tink I
I clink I
I'm shortcircuiting

I've gone manic
I've got panic while I'm frantic

I just cant
I just cant
I just cant seem to stand it

I think I
I feel fine
ya know I might be dyin

its real when
it drills in
I can't stop this feelin

can someone please explain
what's goin on in my brain
logic down the drain
Am I chemically insane

seratonin spray
my thoughts in disarray
rewind image replay
i just cant get away

I think I
I think I
I know I'm falling down

distinct I
I slink I
I must be trippin

I think I
I drink why
I'm falling down

I think my
I think while
I'm dying

I know why
I'm dying

There were
times, I
thought thoughts of you might fade away
they just
seem to
linger, stay, not ever wash away

I learn why
I yearn my
my heart is burning

I can't hear
your reason
my head is buzzing

I think why

let's dye

it could be fun

it could be fun
i think your the one

There were
 times, I
thought thoughts of you might fade away
they just
seem to
linger, stay, not ever wash away


Now I don't want to make my love sad
but baby I've already packed my bags
nothing you can say will bring me back,
I'll love life and I won't feel bad

No quero hacer mi amore triste
but you spent more time talkin that listenin
y cuando tu miras in mis ojos
you know I'm not playin this time oh no

Y no quero hacer mi amore triste
pero un vida feliz es mas importante
y todos los dias yo mira por este
y ahora yo se no esta contigo

No quero hacer mi amore triste
but I wonder how long it'll take you to miss me
y cuando yo voy con todos mis cosas
you know Imma leave ya with nothing but costas
porque sabes todos estan malo
and frankly I'm sick and tired of the battle
y cuando su madre hable on da telephono
you better know better and tell her I'm not at home Romeo, no.

Porque No quero hacer mi amore triste
pero un vida feliz is mas importante
y todos los dias yo mira por este
y ahora yo se no esta contigo.

Y yo mira los otros cuando triste
and I can see their need and desire to be free
Ir conmigo, with me go, vamanos,
we go mismo el camino, rapidos

No quero hacer mi amore triste
pero un vida feliz es mas importante
y todos los dias yo mira por este
y ahora yo say no esta contigo

And I don't want to make my love sad,
but baby I've already packed my bags
Nothing you can say will bring me back,
I'll love life and I won't feel bad.

No quero hacer mi amore triste
pero un vida feliz es mas importante
y todos los dias yo mira por este
y ahora yo say no esta contigo

Beat of the Groove (working)

I could be slinging or bringing it
but what's it matter if your not gunna cheer with it
oh can't you hear what I'm saying to you?
Come on and stand up we got somethin ta do.

I could be talkin or rockin it
but what matters is the message you got in it.
and if you're not sure what ta do,
take my hand and I'll lead you through
cuz you gotta right to choose
to stop sittin and playin tha fool.
and they'll move as you're rockin through,
steady boppin to the beat of the groove

and I could be sayin or sprayin it
but what matters is how you gunna be playin it
and if you don't know all the rules,
come on let me show you something new

cuz it's about the paths you choose
that determines if you win or lose
and they'll move as we're rockin through
steady boppin to the beat of the groove
steady boppin to the beat of the groove

and I could be screamin or shoutin it
but what matters is you're out and about with it

cuz the more people we tell it to
the faster that we'll spread the news
that they'll move as we're rockin through
steady boppin to the beat of the groove
the beat of the groove
the beat of the groove

steady boppin to the beat of the groove
the beat of the groove

and I can tell that you're into it
so I'ma tell you the truth of it

it don't matter what you come home to
it don't matter if you win or lose
it's about your right to choose
to do what you want to do
find the beat that rocks your groove
stick to the path you choose
don't fade into the night
without raising your fist to fight

cause it's the paths you choose
and how you live your life
it don't matter if you win or lose
don't follow cause they tell you to

it's all about your right to choose
and they'll move as you're rockin through
steady boppin to the beat of your groove
yea yea the beat of your groove
oh, the beat of your groove

Smoke Happy (compilation)

I smoke two joints in da morning,
I smoke to blunts at night,
I smoke two dabs in da afternoon, it makes me feel alright.
Yes, I smoke two  joints then I smoke two blunts, then I smoke some more..
Gotta smoke two puffs and take some rips cuz fuck your stupid war.

Yes I bake up in da morning and strap shoes on my feet
step outside, light me up that cigarette, take a deep breath and get real high
and scream at the top of my lungs

Don't worry, smoke happy!

Cuz lovin is all we got
so let's remember that when trying to get over that great big wall of destitution
and we try
we try almost everyday to find some restitution

and my momma always told be you do the best you can
and you'll live life long enough to find a happy end.

So take a small example, take a tip from me.
Take all of your money, give it all to charity
and don't worry nah nah nah
you'll die happy.

yeah, just let the lovin, let the lovin come back to you
it'll come back you'll get what you deserve
try and test that,
your bound to get lovin like what I got

so be happy cuz we getta have dat ganja now,
we get ta have that ganja now
and every little thing is gunna be alright

but I still cry when my dog runs away
ignore the bills I can't afford to pay
let's just feel it when the dance gets hot
spark da ganja, let the bass beat drop

light it, smoke it, fire up da green
cuz we getta have dat ganja now,
we getta have dat ganja now
and with no worries, we'll live happy.

and we'll smoke two joints in da morning,
we'll smoke two blunts at night
spark two dabs in da afternoon
itll make us feel alright
cuz we got no worries with lovin like what we got

we'll spark da ganja, love each other, make the music hot
so don't worry, nah nah nah, smoke happy

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Day Long (Working lyric)

All Day Long
Jac Lawson

All day long
hitchn rails and trains
from town to town
never know where I'm stayin

everywhr I go
there's people that I know
from bridges, rivers, trees, to groves
we talk awhile
I sit and smile
while the crickets chirp and sing my song
If you know it then please sing along

Rails and trains
hitchin down a rocky highway
here I stand
I may never be here again
while I am
here's a little song my friend
cause I may never see you again

All day long
on the move
while I squeal my tires to the radio groove

just a trampin
arubber trampin along
my car'd go fast
if I only had the gas
arubber trampin along

Flat tires, oil changes, runaway deer
pedal to the metal with nothing to fear
all around the states with a turn of the wheel

justa trampin along
yea rubber trampin along

[Note: spoken interlude: hey hey what triple a say?)

All day long
I'll hit the road
stickin it out til my thumb is cold

justa hitchn along
kickn rocks all day long
shoes ain't got soles
through the desert I did go
justa hitchn along

heavy frame pack breakin my back
still need water and some scooby snacks
seems im leavin endless tracks
searching for what my life lacks

just a hitchn along
a'roamin a'strong

[note: just my thoughts and some boot rot]

All day long
got nothin to do
so I sit with the blues and hit the booze

justa chugging
justa chuggin along
cold steel rack clickity clack
keeps my bad memories back
I'll keepa chuggin along
keepa chuggin along

life in a box with no time clocks
drinkin and chuggin as the train just rocks
left alone with all my thoughts
who gives a fuck if my liver rots

just a chuggin along
swillin swayin along
swillin swayin along
all the day long

Joan Of Arc (lyric copy)

Joan of Arc
Jac Lawson

Maybe I can't add but the math aint right
have her for a minute or me all night
maybe i'm wrong but if I were you
I'd have
Joan of arc to come home to

And ya
got a princess locked up there
down here sittin on the stairs
there's a
queen waiting for you to appear
and I
can't make the difference clear
that this
don't happen every year
and I
think I thought our friendship was strong
til I
saw you walking down the street with a blonde
but I
don't want you to think it's wrong
cause I
know exactly just where I belong
but I
thought you'd be more honest and true
come straight to me with the news
cause in
some ways we're partners too
but I
don't want this to worry you
cause this
ain't my way of singing the blues

Maybe I can't add but the math ain't right
been sittin here waitin for you all night
and if you weren't so very wrong
you'd have
Joan of Arc sittin in your home

Ignore me while your in the lounge
but I'll
see you on the streets when you scrounge
and there
won't be tears running down
or the
slightest incling of any frown
cause I
know why your hangin 'round
and I
won't be a fool of a clown

Maybe I can't add but the math aint right
have her for a minute or me all night
maybe i'm wrong but if I were you
I'd have
Joan of arc to come home to

And I
saw you as you were walkin by
and I
but you couldn't say hi
and it's
ok for you to be that guy
but there
won't be wetness in my eyes
and it
won't be because I despise
the way ya
treat me cause it's no surprise
but I'll
let you live with all your lies
while I'm
still chasing my dreams in the skies

Maybe it ain't right
to cave without a fight
but its
no worse than waitin all night
for you ta
come on
strollin by
and if
you weren't so very wrong
you'd have JOan of Arc waitin your home

And yea baby I'm alright
knew you for a moment but this is my life
maybe I'm wrong
but I ain't blue
and I'm gunna love the king I choose
yea I'm gunna love the king I choose

Monsoon (working lyrics)

Jac Lawson

when we're all vibin on one tune
that's when we'll begin to get through
we're coming together real soon
Gunna take down the big goon.

Don't drown in the monsoon
tears lost for those gone too soon
your life is not a cartoon
and it's time that they heard you)


Admire the scenery
My honey, hot chocolate, and hennesy
bring to me
a fantasy of possibilities

images of our time
how we would rhyme
talk about
the weather
and how if we could get it together
together we could rule it forever

wield the microphonic sceptre

real estate of the mind is where I want to begin
where I want to fit in
free choice
the original sin

understand what I say
when I say that one day
they'll lament the life that they let them take away

knowledge in your brain
not slaves
from birth to grave

and take
back from the illuminated eye our reason to quake

it's high time
the power of the hive mind
made it prime time

and this is god
speaking to you
a deci ple'spew
a piece of the allspark blazing through

awake reborn
no time ta mourn
glare at our oppressors with unadulterated scorn

collective movement
collective boot kick
you better get real quick
and pick
which team you want to get with

future generations will say this is the best shit
to hit the pavement

the lukewarm outspit

so young or old
hot or cold
no spectators
hold your own
weigh the price of going
worth it's weight in
I know

Sal va chun
it's close

So Don't drown in the monsoon
tears lost for those gone too soon
fret not, we've not forgot you
those name's engraved on the wall too)

Gotta stand up together
fight together
love together
shelter our souls from the stormy weather

some die
no hater
just nature
coming together to make the world greater

left to God
problem solved
we are god
take the rod
and quantum rule as a dirt clod

and don't let them tell you what is right
cause deep in your mind is a fairy truth sprite
a spark of light
free from sin
a remembrance of the image we are created in

astrial kiss
just a vibration we're all capable of

and when we're all vibin on one tune
that's when we begin to get through
it's coming down real soon
let's take on the big goon.

Don't drown in the monsoon
tears lost for those gone too soon
fret not we've not forgot you
those names engraved on the wall too

and when we're all vibin on one tune
our lotus begin to soon bloom
overtakin the big goon
let's smash up the bored room)

Mighty Clown (working lyrics)

Mighty Clown
Jac Lawson

Life's a game
know all the rules
use your available tools

and that's exactly what we'll do
A slow take over while playin the fool

oh upside down we'll turn that frown
and clown around
yea clown around

oh clown around all over town
and upside down we'll turn the frown

could ever be better than
desguisin whatever I'm

giggling green sham shaft yea

the ole up and down from the clown

no we're not playing around
drivin it home with the clown
the ole up and down from the clown

clown around
all over town
and with the clown
we'll take 'em down

though the world
sits afestern
there's alway lovin
for the jestin

powr o the clown
took em all down
without a frown

and when it goes down
you know it was the clown

power of the clown
took em all down
without a frown

power to the clown

I hope you can hear us all laughing
while all the tradegys happenin
with everyone leering and cheering
I can't understand what your fearing
nothing is better than laughing
to hide all my dastardly snatching
with the sly grin of the clown

the wicked wry grin of the clown (2:37)

let's take em out
without a doubt
we've got the clout
and all around will hail the clown
the simple fool they gave the crown

and the world
we'll take em down
just like the town
with the mighty clown(out 2:58)

powr o the clown
took all em down
without a frown

and when it goes down
you know it was the clown

the mighty clown
took all em down
powr to the clown

and when it goes down
you know it was the clown

there's no time
you can't even hide
your face from the clown

life's no game
break all the rules
and play the unsuspected fool

we won't ever lose our cool
just laugh and sing while the fallen mewl

oh upside down we'll turn the frown
the mighty clown's
always around

without a doubt
we've got the clout
and all around
will hail the clown

Big Bad (workin lyric copy)

Jac Lawson

screechin tires and flashing lights
never give in without a fight
hold on with all your might
to what you know is right

in the big bad world
in the big bad world
(note: sub wild wild world)

never runnin from the law
never doin any wrong
cause I ain't no outlaw
scream and shout til my throat is raw

at the big bad mean
at the big bad mean

and I won't be Jessie James
and you'll never know my name
just someone who was taught
that you morals can't be bought

by the big bad green
by the big bad green
by the big bad green
(note: sub greasy greedy green)

started runnin from the law
it didn't take em very long
til they came on wicked strong

with the big bad blue
with the big bad blue
with the big bad blue
(note: sub bastards in the blue)

and your freedom seems so far
when your trapped behind the bars
cause you fought without a pause
for the just and righteous cause

against the big bad wrong
against the big bad wrong
against the big bad wrong
(note: sub willful wicked wrong?)

and I might be Jessie James
and you'll wish you knew my name
I'm just a child of a original thought
whose silence couldn't be bought

by the big bad green
by the big bad green
(note: sub greasy greedy green)

I keep on runnin from the law
always lookin for a brawl
gunna be a big outlaw
scream and shout til my throat is raw

at the big bad blue
at the big bad blue
at the big bad blue
(note: sub bastards in the blue)

Now I'm bigger than Jessie James
and you all know my name
gunna but 'em all to shame
with the way I play my game
with the big bad blue, as the big bad mean
(yea the bastards in the blue, bring on the other team)

I'm always runnin from the law
gunna keep 'em very far
from your superstar outlaw
won't catch me til I fall

Cause I'm the big bad mean
Yea I'm the big bad mean

and who knew it'd end this way
that i'd die with all this fame
as you scream and shout my name

Cause I'm the big bad mean
Yea I'm the big bad mean

thoughts about writing music and stuff

Wondering where I should begin to post song lyrics...blogger? fb? gplus? too many options....hmmm....i dunno....starting to tget a system together again...i just don't want to be too involved in the web game a lot going on at the farm and making music is a constant obsession....I often found that i would grind to a halt with visual art due to some sort of hang up about supplies (I subconsciously avoid painting when I get the little tubes because I think I am going to run out..or not get more..and not be able to express myself....stupid eh? hook my head and laughed at my own irony when I realized this..) but music that is something totally different...just have my brain..that's all i need too...maybe a notebook if I want to write it down..but in the end...I am a contained studio...but sometimes I find that there are too many options to take something and picking a definite can be hard..I have also found that although I usually have no problem letting someone help me write a song (I had a wonderful time with cheepha workin on our psa original from me collaborated and polished with cheepha) but it seems that other people usually have a problem being creatively flexible...can't even listen to an idea or thought direction... maybe they only find sharing and collaboration enjoyable if they are contributing and feel violated when the situation is reversed...i dunno..i just keep writing...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starting again.

Started to get my network together today.. so many emails and things..still so many things to do... hope people don't rip my vids apart too much. Working on an eminem mash up for a tosh.o style redeem....hopefully...mioght just land me on ;P transferred some writing from examiner over..forgot that I wrote that crap. pretty much thinking of using this blog to talk about my journey and the crazy shit I've been through recently... if you read read it...if still needs to be done..I feel like I have to write it down..or at least most of it...maybe if not for anything but to retain my sanity... lol. like I ever had it.

PNG Planet

The thought of inter-relatedness is an important part of the formation of religion. The importance of this relationship is an illustration of how man seeks meaning in existence. Some claim that religion was born out of a need for man to continue living, that living without a purpose, for a higher thinking life-form, would be torturous and not worth living. The surety of death in a life without purpose and place would be merely a wait for death.

When faced with these thoughts and questions that would subsequently follow, it is natural to seek answers in the familiar. When one observes the interwoven pattern of nature in general, it provokes the thought that personal existence is also intertwined. This realization makes bearable the instances of brutality known to some and the unavoidable totality of death experienced by all. It is also natural to, after having such a revelation about inter-relatedness, care more about the entirety of the system in which you belong, as well as form customs around celebrating the whole. If you are part of a system farther than the stars, it becomes more important than your mortal woes.

From the struggle with man's mortality came the realization of the grand design. Whether monotheistic or polytheistic, most religions incorporate some variant of the interwoven aspect of the worldly condition. So how is it that in the struggle for success and prosperity, the respect and acknowledgment of the balance been lost?

Has religion faded in meaning to something as inconsequential as whether or not you get fries at the drive through? How has this effected the relationship between the human populace and the planet it calls home?

Now, that is not saying that those curly fries and side dishes aren't a must for some folk, but how does that denial of mental and spiritual caloric intake impact the rest of society? What, if anything, is taking the place of this religion? If nature abhors a vacuum, then the absence of spiritual connectivity and religious outlet has got to be filled by an alternative of similar traits.

When objectively looking at common religious beliefs, a list of similarities can be seen. Thoughts of inter-relatedness,  an initial creator, the concept of immortality, and ritual tribute. In this instance, ritual tribute represents a number of actions from praying or communing, to cleaning and maintaining places of worship.

With these traits established as a comparison to judge candidates of substitution for religious voids, one system of interrelatedness and connectivity stands in the forefront.

Though the origin of its exact creator is disputed, a series of systems named the TCP/IP birthed its current form.

Concepts of immortality, while arguably different, are present and often sought.

Millions maintain equipment and turn coin for the chance to commune in mass, ritualistically seeking their singular salvation.

Many are dependent upon a download for their daily bread.

These are people living on a PNG planet.

Technology. Take another look.

The world suffers while worship and recognition remains behind the electric glow of the television, the pulse of the computer.The wonders of nature are missed, disregarded, with the need for a text message reply.  What importance does this existence, this planet hold if life is centered in a cybernetic reality?

It is time to stop. To go outside. To look at the sky. It is all connected. Even if you can't show a picture of it to your aunt in Cleveland, she knows its there.

You shouldn't anyway. You're clogging the bandwidth.

A Contemplation on Religion and Science

The religious world is comprised of many different views and beliefs. From Christianity to Buddhism, Wiccan to Hinduism, religions have been a part of the human race since its birth. Religion has served to unite people as well as prove to be a catalyst for debate, argument, and war. How could something intended for such good become such a place of turmoil and hurt for so many? Often, the differences held by religions are more emphasized than the common threads that are shared. This unfortunate focus on the points that cause rifts between views is something that has held back followers from being truly unified with their fellow man. Although religious beliefs, like Christianity, are rooted in spiritual faith, technological advances and scientific discovery may prove the actuality of reality to be a conglomeration of many belief systems.

The Basics

The mysticism of God is portrayed differently in each religion, whether minutely or profoundly. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are founded within in the same text of the Old Testament, yet differ greatly in not only their worship but in the catalyst of their origins (Fisher, 2005). These differences are as plain as black and white, yet when the beliefs are looked on a whole; the similarities are hard to miss. These three religions believe in a divine creator who spawned man in his own image, giving each man a spark of his divinity. Judaism is based on a promise made from God to make a great people from the son of Abraham, a people who would spread the teachings and love of God (Fisher, 2005). Similarly,

Christianity, although without any claim to a special promise, holds many of the same views in regard to acceptance and love of their fellow man. Christianity also recognizes the Son of God, Jesus Christ, as being the savior of man who died divinely so that salvation can be found merely in the acceptance of this sacrificial lamb (Fisher, 2005). This man, Jesus Christ, who fulfilled the prophecies laid out by the Old Testament, is not honored in Islam but rather has become a point of difference between the two religions. It is differences like these that separate religions of common origin.

The Actions of Man

Similar differences and arguments are sometimes responsible for the spawning of new belief systems. Buddhism and Confucianism, while different, teach a similar practice that reaches outside of the belief of salvation given through worship of the divine (Fisher, 2005). Like Islam, these religions believe that the actions with which a man lives his life is responsible for is salvation.

Although Confucianism is more about creating a heavenly state of being on earth, the teachings of proper conduct and treatment of others is reminiscent of those who follow the Bible and how God relayed his desire and instructions for interactions within mankind.

Daishonin Buddhism and practitioners of the Lotus Sutra, also believe in seeking harmony within mankind in order to achieve the goal of heavenly being (Gakkai, 1999). In this religious belief, the state of Buddha is achievable within each person and living the way of the Buddha is the path to enlightenment and release from earthly suffering (Patrick Lockwood, personal communication, May 12, 2010).

This concept of spreading love and interacting with people according to the Golden Rule, whether instructed to do so by God or because of the concept of a Karma debt cycle, is a strong common thread between many religions. These similarities may mean when compared to their differences, yet a closer look at the variances in these religions may reveal an entirely different, unifying aspect to their beliefs.

A Closer Look

One path to finding commonalities between religions is to view their core beliefs separately. In Christianity and religions that draw upon the Old Testament for religious teachings, the origin of man is found in the divine creation at which time the first man was created in the image of God (Fisher, 2005). This makes all of man a family of brothers and sisters who share the common thread of divine origin, regardless of current religion.
This idea of a common spark, thread, or vibration shared by every member of mankind is also found in religions outside of Christianity. In religions like Buddhism, this idea is represented as a vibration that is shared, not only with members of the human race, but also shared with all of creation (Patrick Lockwood, personal communication, May 12, 2010). While the Buddhist view may be slightly different from the view of Christianity in regard to the relationship between man and earth, advances in scientific studies of quantum physics may prove that reality is somewhere in-between.

Christianity’s view of man being made in the image of God implies a difference between the divinity and awareness of man and other life forms. Buddhism practices the idea that all things are connected in the flow of life. The existence of self is continuous in some sects of belief while, in others, the awareness that would distinguish a man from a turnip is a result of the karmic debt cycle (Fisher, 2005). Either way it is looked at, something connects life on this planet. This is an idea that is shared by many religions. As scientist delve farther into the study of quantum physics, the relationship between man, as the observer, and the environment of this earthly home becomes apparent in its intricate tapestry.

Quantum Relations

Studies regarding the behavior of photons indicate a surprising relationship between reality and perception. In a study involving protons, a single photon would be shot towards multiple slots in order to identify and track the behavior of the photon. This study produced a surprising and interesting result when the single proton produced a pattern that was caused by the photon passing through non-intended or multiple slots. When scientists tried to watch the photon to understand this odd behavior, the photon then passed through only one slot. This discovery gave credit to the theory of “the observer.” This theory states that the relationship between the consciousness of man and his environment is a product of his observations and intentions (Arntz, Chasse, and Hoffman, 2004). Could this be the distinction between man and beast as indicated by Christianity? What does this mean for religions that emphasize a common vibration or relationship between all of existence?

Science may also hold the answer to this question of commonality. All of existence is made of the same fundamental elements, atoms (Carpy, 2003). The difference between a table and a cat is the programmed purpose of the cells and atoms that make up their existence. The electromagnetic relationship of these components is a piece of the harmonious system that makes them hold their shape and form.

If the difference between the difference substances in existence is based on this relationship on an atomic level, the similarities could also be found on this level. String theory proposes that the minute parts of the atom vibrate at a levels that share common bonds and are capable of being effected (CosmoNet, 1999). This vibration would then exist in every piece of life or object in existence. The similarities between this hypothesis and religions, like Buddhism, that believe in a universal connection and vibration are strikingly apparent.

In an interview with Patrick Lockwood, a practitioner of Daishonin Buddhism, this vibration was the topic most readily discussed. The Lotus Sutra, a chant meant to align the self with the vibration of the universe, is a staple in the practice of this religious belief (Patrick Lockwood, personal communication, May 12, 2010). Used in conjunction with a visual representation, the Gohonzon, chanting the title of the Lotus Sutra, Nam-myho-renge-kyo, is said to realign the physical sense with the divine relationship with existence (Gakkai, 1999). Whether this method is the correct approach or not, this recognition of a universal tie is important when looking at how Quantum Physics views the relationship between man and the world.

The Quantum theory of the Observer serves as a middle ground between Christianity and Buddhism. According to this controversial science, everything is connected on a fundamental level, yet the human race controls the flux of matter and existence through observation (Arntz, Chasse, and Hoffman, 2004). This influence over existence that is the capability of man coincides with the Christian notion of a divine spark give by God. Being created in the image of a Divine Creator implies the ability of the off spring to create.

The Observer theory believes that because of the many different views that are in existence at the same time, an interference pattern occurs that is the conglomeration of multiple intents that result in a shared reality (Arntz, Chasse, and Hoffman, 2004). This thought is enormously controversial because, according to this theory, a corroborative effort of thought and intent would result in manifestation of the desired effect. Some would say that this choosing of reality and existence goes against the belief of fate and a predetermined destiny. In some instances, this would seem true yet life is mysterious in its intricacy and it is hard to ignore the possibility of a grand design.

Predetermined Randomness

A growing number of spiritual practitioners believe that, although there are determined stages, goals, and lessons in life, menial existence is a myriad of pathways. This theory is in line with the photon studies, where existence without the observer is a multitude of possibilities. Another scientific parallel is the cell. Though programmed to perform a particular function, cells first begin with the possibilities of programming and stem cells are capable of being programmed for a multitude of functions (University of Massachusetts, 2010). Consider this cell as a decision not yet presented or taken. It is sometimes startling and frightening to think of how much influence an individual can have over reality. Religions that compartmentalize different energies and attributes into various deities could be seen as a way to narrow and focus that creative influence into certain patterns and directions.

Divine Direction and the Power of Prayer

Guan Yin, the mother goddess also represented in Christianity as the Virgin Mary, is the embodiment of compassion and love. Calling upon the presence and help of this deity, according to a Fung Shui workshop in El Paso, Texas, will invoke the vibration and sense of her representative qualities (The Fung Shui Institute of El Paso, personal communication, May 29, 2010). This is true for many other deities within these religious views. Ganesha, for instance, is called upon to remove obstacles and provide protection, (Lady D, personal communication, May 30, 2010). Could the different deities and representations of tone and intent be an avenue to concentrate and embellish their respective thoughts?

Regardless of religious beliefs, when a group of individuals is worshiping in mass, the power and vibration of prayer is almost palatable. This collaborative direction of thought can be powerful on an individual’s perception of reality. Some religious practitioners even become so overwhelmed that they will speak in tongues as an expression of the divine spirit felt within (Lady D, personal communication, May 30, 2010). Considering the illustrated relationship between reality and the human consciousness as presented by Quantum Physics, powerful concentration of intent and thought has the possibility to alter reality according the group’s intent (Arntz, Chasse, and Hoffman, 2004). This theory collaborates the practices of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism and their belief that the interconnectivity of the universe and the intent for the betterment of man could change the world as we know it and create a nirvana on earth as well as a release from the cycle of rebirth.

While religious beliefs can contain many differences, like the thought of rebirth or the Messiah Jesus Christ as the savior of man, there are elements of the human condition that are backed by an ever-evolving science. The exploration of existence and the nature of the planetary relationship could prove impactful to those willing to listen to the discoveries of man and change the face of religious beliefs as they are known today. Perhaps new religious and spiritual groups will form to adopt views from a mix of science and traditional religion.

Compared to views like those of Orthodox Christianity, who support mystic views as explained by the Bible as having divine origin, this new religious standpoint and possible rising group can combine both faith and reality as religious mysteries become fact and plausible theory. Knowing the complexity of a scientifically-explained event that is presented in texts, like the Bible, as divine could help reinforce the idea of a grand design, perpetuated by a divine creator. A particular example of this type of support faith could be found in the events of the Ten Plagues. According to data accumulated by scientists and archeologists, the Ten Plagues were a series of natural events caused by a volcanic eruption (Gray, 2010).

Although the Bible has described this series of events as an intervention from God, a look at the science illustrating the relationship between the events and the time period leaves the interpretation of divinity up to the individual. It is the intricacy design and the complexity of the interactions of these natural forces and incidences that lend credit to the claim of God and divinity. As the discoveries of man produce more insight into the world, the past mysteries and unexplained phenomenons are threatened with the light of scientific scrutiny.

It is possible that existing religions will find credit and illumination in these discoveries; finding the why and how to many questions and mysteries within the holy texts. Other aspects of the mystic faith base may crumble under the weight of the eye of science and technological exploration. The future of religion is difficult to predict, particularly considering that the existence of the state of religion is dependent on the will of man. Either way, science and technology promise an interesting future of discoveries that will change the way man perceives, not only himself and his religious beliefs, but the universe as well.


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