Sunday, November 3, 2013

American Phoenix

And you've committed the worst kind of theft,
you've stolen my heart and left me close to death
crushed by the pains of the memories you left,
I'm a hollow husk, hold my hand, pretend to be friends,
Lord I know I need to weave together my unraveling strands
but it's hard to do when I'm adrift without you
unmoored, unachored, sinking, need cerebral glue
to keep my thoughts together instead of tumbling through

like waters through the drain of the sewer of my brain
the images of you have made a plain stain,
a color representative, kaleidoscope of pain
please rationalize, explain my madness, insane
contact my constantly evolving membrane,
illuminate, illustrate the illusion again.

Now you see I no longer wonder why
cuz I recognize the patterns in life's tie dye
and if this pain is something I had to go through
to adjust, attune, align my spectral, spiritual hue
then in the end I should be thanking you for crushing me down so I could rise, Phoenix anew

a fireflight, streak of light, blaze on through
a force to be reckoned, a geiser  mid spew
spitting fire, regurgitating nothing but truth,
contemplate dark roast mental brew,
I'm only doing what god asked me to
every single time that I've forgiven you.

And the stars in the skies remind me of your eyes
and how they sparkled in the night when it was just you and I
before I realized I was institutionalized,
the world was a lie,
its people soldiers waiting to die

so what was I to do?
I had to choose something new
in a society where we teach nothing in school
about our intrinsic ability to choose
and the only sign of valor is the price of the new hottest shoe

but wait a minute that was back in the eighties,
now its all about the gadgets that you give to your babies
and in your busy day with no time to play,
you just sit 'em down and let 'em tivo their lives away

but what's it matter when you don't know any better
and all that's on the news is the commercials and weather
and all the politician's seem to agree
that a big screen tv is the American dream

cuz it's all synchronized programming
made to keep you in a waking dream
a colgate minted reality
mind numbing drones for the colony
cuz we're just one big american family