Sunday, November 3, 2013


I used to have a family
a single branch in a big ole tree
now it's just little ole me
and I'm lonely
yea oh so lonely

Used to be someone's dear wife
took a vow to build a lie
but things didn't turn out right
and I'm lonely
without a family

Used to have a little boy
running round and making in noise
all day long playing with toys
and I was happy
yea with him right beside me

but now he lives with his ole dad
a piece of the dream that we once had
and now I am so very sad
cuz I'm lonely
cuz he isn't with me

worked and toiled all day long
to have a place to call our own
a little space to be a home
where we could sing and dance alone
and be happy
yea oh so happy

but despite the schoolin I was taught
all these plans still came to naught
the groceries couldnt be bought
I was just so distraught
and I was lonely
yea and oh so hungry
and oh so hungry

and I hope one day he'll know
why his mommy had to go
and miss out on watchin him grow
lord blame it on my soul
I was lonely
my soul couldnt be free, no

but I'll make it by any means
I'll never stop chasin my dreams
cry though my smile still beams
I'm still lonely
yea, but don't you worry
cuz love will find me
and then I'll be happy
yea then I'll be happy
but probably still hungry
yea I'll always be hungry.