Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smoke Happy (compilation)

I smoke two joints in da morning,
I smoke to blunts at night,
I smoke two dabs in da afternoon, it makes me feel alright.
Yes, I smoke two  joints then I smoke two blunts, then I smoke some more..
Gotta smoke two puffs and take some rips cuz fuck your stupid war.

Yes I bake up in da morning and strap shoes on my feet
step outside, light me up that cigarette, take a deep breath and get real high
and scream at the top of my lungs

Don't worry, smoke happy!

Cuz lovin is all we got
so let's remember that when trying to get over that great big wall of destitution
and we try
we try almost everyday to find some restitution

and my momma always told be you do the best you can
and you'll live life long enough to find a happy end.

So take a small example, take a tip from me.
Take all of your money, give it all to charity
and don't worry nah nah nah
you'll die happy.

yeah, just let the lovin, let the lovin come back to you
it'll come back you'll get what you deserve
try and test that,
your bound to get lovin like what I got

so be happy cuz we getta have dat ganja now,
we get ta have that ganja now
and every little thing is gunna be alright

but I still cry when my dog runs away
ignore the bills I can't afford to pay
let's just feel it when the dance gets hot
spark da ganja, let the bass beat drop

light it, smoke it, fire up da green
cuz we getta have dat ganja now,
we getta have dat ganja now
and with no worries, we'll live happy.

and we'll smoke two joints in da morning,
we'll smoke two blunts at night
spark two dabs in da afternoon
itll make us feel alright
cuz we got no worries with lovin like what we got

we'll spark da ganja, love each other, make the music hot
so don't worry, nah nah nah, smoke happy