Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rotten Mississippi (short)

oh come a little closer child
let me tell you a story
about the mighty mississippi river
and all of her glory

but the mighty mississippi river can't drown all my tears
been cryin for so long babe it seems like years and years

you see I've done a bad thing babe
my life won't be the same
but don't you worry child
I'll take all the blame

but the flowin mississippi river can't flush away my fears
the faces in the water look like shattered broken mirrors

you see I've been a bad man babe
and I've been doin things
oh, it's a concrete jungle
that I've started to sink

now the rotten mississippi river holds all my past
who knew that deep dark water would fill up so damn fast 
rippling with the memories of what I have done 
can't wash away my sins babe
no matter how deep it runs

but one day I'll put on my shoes and step of its wide banks
and I won't hold my breath no matter how much it stanks

and if you want to babe
I'll take you with me
just come a little closer child and we'll talk more privately

come and take my hand dear one
I'll  treat you like a daughter
and we won't show any fear of the deep dark water

cause the mighty mississippi river will always be inside us
constantly reflecting, shimmering in the iris.