Friday, August 6, 2010

Beginning Again (Sept 2009)

After severe artist block (talking about 6...7 years of producing minimal work), I have picked up the brush again. Flexing my muscles in other mediums has lead me back to my old friend...or nemesis....oil.
I don't limit myself to a medium as an artist and always reply so when asked but oil has always been my liquid love. Until that it...I started not finishing things..

Sometimes it even came down to me being so over OCD that I couldn't move past an area. Sometimes...knowing you can paint virtually whatever you want...leads to expectations that are too strenuous...or the simple question....

What do I paint?

Sometimes I would just look at a picture and see how it would be...the colors...the brush strokes...the contract...the velvet feel of well blended mediums...and that would be enough....

Except that I couldn't share it with anyone.

I will document my progress on this piece and any hereafter. I think I'd like to't we learn that in kindergarten? Lol.

This piece is a portrait of Tomi Gunn....the Scarlett Kiss