Friday, August 6, 2010

Progress Report and More details (feb 2010)

Things are going well and I can feel that rush of creative force begin to swell. Yay! I love working in different medias and different styles. I am having a lot of fun rediscovering my art and personal style after being a human xerox for so long. Not to mention the mental block thing. You guys are really helping me pull through and I wanted to thank you again for sharing your love and spreading the word around about what I am doing. I foresee good things for this endeavor.

I talked to the manager of my favorite store today and ok'd a video blog in the store! Excited? Yup! This will be the first recorded trip to the art store and I really am looking forward to showing some love to source of materials! I will be buying things specific to the subsequent you get to see exactly what was purchased and what was created with it!

This is YOUR donations folks! Don't you want to see what it is spent on? LOL! I am excited about doing some really interesting things! Nothing gets better than this! Doing what you love!

I am also going to start coordinating with charities to donate some of the pieces for auction! This will be done through my good buddy "The RedRum Pirate." Not only will the originals benefit charity, but products associated with that image will also go to a good cause. My way of giving back. :)

The "art project" got rolling a little late so I will be extending this theme a bit into next month...followed by some Jac mayhem to end the month. Then we will be going back to suggestions and theme content so that the months are fully associated with that theme.

This month's theme: Horses, Mountains, Oaks, Waterfalls...well you get the idea....
Submitted by : Elizabeth Dixon

The submitter of the chosen them will have the option to choose pieces within that theme for the cost of shipping only.

I would love to see pics of them hanging in your homes! I neat is that! Interactive art projects.

Submitters are in no way obligated to receive a piece. You don't like it? Don't have it shipped! :P

After the allotted pieces are removed, all remaining art will be placed for auction. More details to come regarding this process.

Subject themes will be represented in a number of styles and medias! Some of which I have never touched! How exciting!