Friday, August 6, 2010

Friends and Fam (Feb 2010)

It is so nice to see the amount of support and love that my family and friends have for me and my endeavors.. Nothing makes me want to work harder than knowing that someone out there cares about what is going on my world.

I did my first video time lapse painting today. Even though it wasn't was awesome and exciting to create a video that would allow people to see me actually working. Around three hours to complete and I definitely will do that again. Thanks again to my aunt for her awesome ideas and I look forward to doing more pieces with her suggestions! I love you guys and promise to show you some more real soon!!

As of today, I have added a donate button for hose with the inclination to donate to art supplies and the like. Perhaps this is a little forward but you never know unless you try. Any donations will go directly to the purchase of art supplies and various project costs.

I need to reformat my website so some changes might be happening to this blog site as I switch things up a bit...the biggest feedback from the site is difficulty in navigation and it being so big that it crashes here will be where I upload some of the images and the website will begin to reflect my best and most current work. More like a resume than a website because a social based business needs a Thanks for reading you guys