Friday, August 6, 2010

Crayola Air Dry Clay verses Paperclay and the fantasy art block

Moving to Bastrop has really been wonderful. I have met a number of really interesting and genuine people. This town is a community of artists and friendly people! I love it. I am running for a position on the board of the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild in September! How neat is that?!

Things are going a little better now, they were a bit crazy there for a bit..and a bit frustrating... the fantasy theme is a bit challenging for me and I must admit to struggling with it. It made me focus on what I have been having trouble with the most...getting things out of my head rather than referencing something else. The development of personal style and vision is something that I always desired but I just could not seem to get it right in the translation, if you know what I mean..

Well...I started thinking about it and I had a curiosity as to whether or not this was associated with the same problems that I had will life drawing...(I always had trouble with drawing from real life because I had trouble flattening the image..I know it sound weird but when you use a picture the image is real is not.) So...what could I do but take it into a 3d media?

So I decided to test crayola air dry clay (thanks for your donations!) ...

Let's just say, that in comparison to paperclay...I like paperclay better. The crayola clay was not horrible..but it just was not as good as paperclay. Initially the texture feels relatively the same but it becomes difficult to work with after it starts to dry. Paperclay can become kind of rubbery where the crayola becomes more brittle and will crack easier and is harder to repair. Both seem to sand equally well, but if there are joint issues I would be cautious. I would be much easier on the Crayola clay after it has dried (if you are going to try it). With the dried product however, I feel that the paper clay feels more porous and light were the Crayola clay feels more substantial and similar to actual clay....toss up there..I guess it is what you are doing.

Anyhow... success!! The sculpting is going well and I am having an easier time manifesting art-ness in the fantasy genre! Yay! It does seem that the inclination of my natural style is to be cartoon-ish and sometimes slightly warped...hehehe..wonder!

Be on the look out for more art! Thanks for reading! Luv U!