Friday, August 6, 2010

Perfectionist Rant (Feb 2010)

I am beginning to get excited about the whole venture... It's funny how tedious and hard things become over time with the stress and pressure...what stress and pressure you say? One word: Perfectionist.

I am....I will freely admit so. That being said...i had this realization that...even though I knew this..I had to compensate for the perfectionist point of view.

All the technique I know and the level of perfection I can achieve from a reference generated piece was one thing...applying it to images in my head was quite another.... Why? Because I had not done it before..

So how can I expect to apply a high level of skill and perfectionist expectation to something in its infancy? I can't. I can take what I know and loosely guide the formation of personal style and form that inevitably transform my personal art.

Will I be able to be the human photomachine still? Yes... But things from my head will have their own fluid nature and I should accept that.

Where is the perfectionistic view you say? I am not letting myself down or dipping below my skill level or receiving sub-par results. They are two different beasts all together.

I feel confident enough in my skill to say that I can render any picture put in front of me.

I have to view this type of self expression as working to perfection in THAT own...depth challenged and anatomically skewed or not.

For all you out there like me.....STOP COMPARING AND START IMPROVING. It isn't the same....technique is just a platform for development.