Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Awesome! (April 2010)

So folks, here is the skinny... After much deliberation and strategizin.. I have moved to Bastrop Texas....Technically Paige..but just barely so. Out in the middle of the big beautiful pines and just LOVING IT! I have my own studio and the town is really neat. A real trip to the past. I went into town today to look at opportunities for business start up and look forward to joining the Bastrop Art Guild. Totally rockn! As you can tell I am super pumped about the amount of progress I have made on my business and my life. There are rough patches and I am sure more to come...but I look forward to the challenge with the ferocity of a lioness. I may even start to write poetry again... neato.

Speaking of gran is going to send me some from my great granny...I am looking forward to reading them and seeing her drawings. I still have this little owl trinket, an unfinished quilt top, and a tin full of clothes we made together. I don't have a picture but sure wish I would not matter anyhow because that is one face I wont forget.

I am still working on structuring my business model and writing my business plan. It is going to be AWESOME! Nothing in the world would make me happier than being able to do what I love.

Tomorrow I will be documenting more pieces to monetize my website for prints and merch and sell the originals. Gunna ship bug her pic of course but first...take a fantastic picture of it! That way those who liked it can also get a print if they want. But there is only one original! lol! Art is really human like can copy but it wont be the same.

For those of you on this network who might be reading is a sneak peak to the new fun thing coming to Custom Jac's fan page on facebook:

Do you know what an ACEO is? It is an original or limited edition trading card of the artist's work.
These little 2.5 x 3.5 cards can be a variety of medias and are highly collectible. I will be giving an original card away every time my facebook fan page increases by the 100... So...I will be giving one away when I get 100 fans and when I get 200 fans and when I get 300 fans and so on.. Random selection will ensure the game is fair and there will be only 1 of each card in existence. I will take a photograph of the card for my portfolio and display but that is reproductions...just one card and it's owner. Should be lots of fun!!!

Well...I'm outta here for the more work to do on the business plan and such. Night all. Luv you guys.