Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a Thought (Feb 2010)

Things are going ok so far. I actually painted freely last night...nothing special..just a bit of color and fun but boy...did it feel wonderful. I really should be doing my homework right now...I am in the final week of my current set of classes but I am taking a break to revel in the creative juices.

Things on the homefront are kind of rocky but life is still worth living and the sky is still blue so I imagine that everything will be ok...nothing like a little turmoil to inspire the artistic drive...LOL!

I created a fan page for "Custom JAC." Interesting how narcissistic you can feel when you make your own fan page...I would love it if other people would post their art...maybe I am just lazy and want to have my own place to view people's stuff..LOL!

I am sitting here looking at one of the pictures I kind of looks like me...I suppose it could be a self portrait...she kinda looks how I was feeling at the time as well... I promise to take pics when they are dry...maybe you can try to guess which one I am writing about...tehe!

I have never been real great at drawing from my head...a human copy machine is more a description I would attach to myself..maybe that is what I need to do...paint from my head and not give a darn if it is perfect, correct, kosher....or even looks like the image in my brain....something is better than nothing...who cares if it does not live live up to my idealistic views of long as some of them do..hahaha!

Well...wasn't that a ramble..